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Recent and Previous Selected and Illustrative Mandate Profiles, Elements, Track-records & background/references

Preliminary Note: Most mandates involve a high degree of customer institutional and / or partner confidentiality, including as regards legal and ethical clauses to that effect, hence a majority of generic descriptive of the selected mandates. The below profiles relate to direct GMI mandates as well as sub-contracts and mandates derived from other mandates secured by GMI’s owners and senior management team under various forms and vehicles dedicated to some of these mandates, but fully reflecting the acquired capacity of GMI’s portfolio scope (some other legacy client and / or partnership portfolios date as far back as 1990, notably as regards European and Middle-Eastern transactions, the bulk of GMI proprietary portfolios having been executed from 2006 onwards).

Multi-Portfolio Mandate for Strategic Advisory Services from Background Portfolio Design to Execution, Management and Spin-Off for a Public-Private Partnership consortium of first world (North American/US/Canadian + EU) and Emerging Markets (Asia - China, Central Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia; Russia; Brazil; Middle-East & North Africa – Notably GCC & Maghreb) equity co-investors for direct moderately leveraged equity acquisitions and buy-outs, post divestiture of a Legacy portfolio, in industrial, hospitality and realty assets, and 5-year term re-investment of proceeds into a conservative alternative investments portfolio (private equity, public equities, cash-equivalent Forex instruments, realty, Sharia compliant long-term structured finance products, ethical mixed-asset funds, and Funds of Hedge Funds). Multi-component mandate includes leading negotiations with major Fortune 500 partnerships, in key sectors of finance (investment and merchant banking, alternative investments, M&A, VC and assets management), technical consulting, real estate and hospitality developments, environmental investments, aerospace and defense, agribusiness, life sciences and healthcare, education, R&D, infrastructure, transportation, public works, water, power, industrial engineering, oil, gas, petrochemicals and construction. Mandate also involves promoting institutional investments or the management corporation as well as promoting the infrastructure-related investment partnerships (including advocacy issues related to public perceptions). The mandate also involved rolling-out a couple of financial services platforms serving the portfolio and optimizing underlying assets from the point of view of strategic market performance.

Strategic Advisory Services for the Cabinet Office of a Sovereign MENA Government for its institutional investment portfolios and relationship introduction and management for partner institutions able to source and execute transactions on behalf of the Government’s Cabinet Office.

Strategic Advisory Services Mandate for a consortium of global investors (from the USA, Europe and MENA regions) deploying a merchant banking advisory services platform with a strong focus on emerging markets, and sector portfolios in Oil, Energy, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure / Engineering, Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism, Financial Services Alternative Investment Platforms and Private Placement Portfolios, Environmental Engineering, Security and Industrial Technologies, and current portfolios active in Europe, the USA, the Middle-East and North Africa, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (and a major commercial development portfolio under negotiation in Latin America). The initial target proprietary portfolio deployment is of USD$200 million (includes private equity platform and pass-through alternative investment platforms).

Deployment of a global proprietary investment advisory and execution platform for a consortium of First World and Emerging Markets Investors and Corporate Industrial Operators, targeting co-investments, PPPs and cross-investments in niche markets, notably by identifying impaired assets with a strong growth potential (multi-portfolio platform with initial equity investments totaling USD$2 billion over 24 months roll-out)

Business Development Advisory Services Mandate for a group of US and MENA partners involved in developing a fiduciary services platform, targeting Emerging Markets Clients in the SWF and Family Office spaces, notably in niche markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE, with a strong focus on Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, China, Brazil, India, Russia and key institutional clients in the Americas, Europe and segments of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Advisory and Execution Mandates for the deployment of a joint venture platform with anchor institutional investors from the USA, partner co-investors from Emerging Markets (notably MENA and Asia), and focused on direct co-investments in industrial assets and realty, and participation in Public Private Partnerships (2-year institutional roll-out horizon).

Business Development Advisory Mandate for a global business group controlled by Chinese private investors and involved in promoting PPPs and a number of commercial, financial and industrial investments in the USA, Asia and the Middle-East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, including a number of ventures linked to Chinese SOEs

Institutional advisory mandate for the preparation, delivery and execution of a corporate best practices framework for senior executive deployment of a platform supporting strategic risk, crisis, disaster and emergency preparedness planning.

Strategic Advisory Consulting Mandate for a portfolio of Research & Development Program developed with academic, public and private sector partners, centered on various areas of endeavor in the areas of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering.

Family Business Investment Mandate for acquisition of a franchising partnership of an industrial technology to be deployed for the MENA and Asia markets (initial investment size: USD$20 million), in partnership with an Asian and an American technology partners (12 month investment roll-out in construction phase and 12 month follow-on for commercial operations management phase).

Advisory Services Mandate covering business development (investment and commercial), placement, fund-raising and co-financing of a portfolio of US-based mature growth technology ventures in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences / Bio-Sciences and Healthcare IT and Digital Imaging Applications.

Advisory Services Mandate for Business Development and Assets Management of a Family-owned diversified assets portfolio (financial, realty, agribusiness and consulting), including procurement related advisory services.

Advisory Services Mandate for a portfolio of alternative investments platforms sourcing investments in the USA and targeting a global customer-base strongly dominated by Sovereign Wealth Funds, Global Investment Banks, and privately held Industrial Corporations.

Advisory Mandate (Governance, Management, Partnerships and Business Development) for an Infrastructure Development Group for its global expansion programs in the GCC, wider MENA region, Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Regions. (Portfolio size is USD$14 billion; private equity re-capitalization - USD$2 billion; Greenfield portfolio: USD$4 billion; Brownfield Portfolio: USD$1 billion)

Advisory Mandate and co-investment project for a global agribusiness deploying a new subsidiary for the North Africa – Maghreb market, inclusive of import-export distribution and industrial set-up for off-site and local production units tailored to the sub-regional target market (initial annual minimum turnover for commercial sales is USD$4 million; industrial investment size over two year start-up period is USD$8 million)

Consulting Mandate for a portfolio of technical and academic research projects co-led with a US-based private sector partner and public and private sector sponsors in the areas of E-Government in Emerging Markets, Best Practices in Corporate and Institutional Strategic Risk, Crisis, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Planning and Management (based on a US research program and its international applications), and an Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Platform (for a couple of GCC public and private institutional clients).

Deployment of a business development consultancy for a group of partners from the Gulf, the USA and North Africa (12 month-set-up phase and open-ended management support mandate)

Strategic Advisory Services Mandate for a Euro-Arab Group of Partner-Investors in a US East Coast (Mid-Atlantic Washington DC Tri-State Area) Realty Portfolio consisting of two swathes of realty development acquisitions (at a 29% mark-to-market discount), with demolition and reconstruction of a luxury upscale multi-unit residential complex of mini-mansion type single home properties and a mixed-use commercial-residential renovation, expansion and re-development (including commercial roll-out, expected December 2010), at a significant discount (from the proceeds of an impaired bank portfolio divestiture with 50% mark-to-market discount). Portfolio development time-horizon for acquisitions, construction, re-development and operations (including divestiture of three large individual assets) is 24 months from signing.

Business Development Sub-Mandate for Financial Services and Industrial Assets investments of an Eastern European group with global interests and a dedicated Central Asia portfolio.

Strategic Consulting Mandate for the Restructuring and Development of the Governance Unit of a Sovereign Wealth Fund in the Arabian Gulf and the re-deployment of the marketing imperatives of one of its commercial subsidiaries in terms of international business development in the private equity space, as well as Board-level advisory services for its financial services arm (restructuring completed in 18 months, six months early delivery).

Strategic Advisory mandate on the financial and operational restructuring of a major impaired international acquisition of a regional market-leader by the global market-leader under the form of a Public-Private Partnership, for an industrial group, as well as the Treasury Management Advisory related to deploying a large investment arm of the same group (restructuring led to the turn-around from negative to positive EBITDA and return to profitability of both the underlying asset and the umbrella holding as a direct result of the new financial and operational structures). Portfolio Size: USD$12 billion; Size of financial restructuring: USD$9 billion; Capital Deployment Portfolio: USD$13.5 billion; Restructuring was operated in a record 2 months (time estimated by closest other franchise bidders: 6 months minimum)

Strategic Advisory Mandate for the deployment of a global realty portfolio for co-investments between US investors promoting the portfolio and emerging markets investors, mainly from Asia and the Arabian Gulf (as well as co-investors on a sub-fund from Latin America). Proprietary portfolio was developed in USA, Europe, MENA and Asia over 5 years, accruing USD$45 million dollars on the initial USD$100 million co-investment alone and a net IRR of the whole portfolio of +13% (with single asset IRR spread between +7% and +22%).

Strategic Advisory Services for the set-up, partnerships identification and co-investments mobilization of an international energy private equity platform with a portfolio of co-investments from institutions and families from North America and the Arabian Gulf (consortium controlled by the Gulf entities and underlying portfolio majority controlled by the Gulf entities and minority co-invested by the American partners). Portfolio has doubled its EBITDA and absorbed all debt post acquisition and restructuring, and US stake is being divested at a significant premium as a result with Gulf stakes being considered for large margin sale to one of the world’s 10 major investment banks (for at least 50% of the stake). Total Portfolio Size over life of fund: USD$12 billion for single assets ranging from USD$40 million to USD$300 million.

Portfolio of International Development Projects centered on Sustainable Poverty Reduction initiatives promoted by a number of multilateral agencies and a consortium of Governments from the North and South as well as Private Sector Foundations (working closely with civil society groups).

Business Development Advisory Mandate for an Asia-Pacific anchored group seeking investment diversification in realty, financial, commercial and industrial assets in the USA, Europe and the Middle-East.

EU mandates for institutional peer-review framework projects in R&D, focusing on Life Sciences, Agriculture, Agri-Food Industries, Health-care, Food Safety, Green Energy and Institutional Capacity Building and Development.


Set-up of a GCC-Headquartered family anchored international partnership (50% GCC / 50% international) targeting the constitution of a proprietary advisory and execution portfoolio for direct equity deals, M&A, and commercial procurement agencies and joint ventures centered on MENA but with a number of related global investment portfolios.


Set-up of a global multi-family investment advisory and execution platform with a double-hub structure (USA / GCC) with a strong focus on conservative alternative investments, notably in terms of project strategic advisory services in MENA and US real estate (especially in the Class A prime urban commercial space).


Advisory portfolio for a cluster of US-based industrial venture technologies in terms of resource mobilization, international commercial procurement agency deployment and business development partnerships in the "First World" and Emerging Markets and development applications targeting the infrastruscture build-up of a Newly Independent State.


Successive advisory assignments for a couple of G-20 Governments and a multilateral financial institution as regards the Financial Crisis G-20 negotiations from 2007 to date.

Other useful GMI extended portfolio reference points: Public and private sector advisory and deal execution portfolios in multiple areas of industry (financial diplomacy, agri-business, infrastructure, industrial technologies, life sciences, etc) and geographies (notably USA, Europe, MENA, Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa), with field assignments in all regions and portfolios covering more than 100 countries over 20 years, via GMI and its predecessors (TII, Solman Inc) and in conjunction with structural partners such as EPI , EPI-North Africa Ltd and BIL, and business development partnerships with a dozen major international financial institutions over that period, covering more than 130 institutional clients and partners, and more than 150 associated portfolios totaling some USD$300 billion of total client turnover asset value over 20 years, yielding net annual IRRs ranging from +6.25% to +192%, depending on portfolio profiles (and weighted annual net returns of +18.7% over the same period with a +19.5% gross margin on commercial transactions, on a diversified AI portfolio), with no project-based long-term losses incurred. Size of multilateral Global Public Goods PPP Trust Funds mobilized, allocated and managed: USD$19 billion over 10 years; Turnover of average multilateral annual development-related operations portfolios such as those sponsored by the World Bank Group (public and private sector partnerships included): USD$35 billion. Size of largest single asset restructuring: USD$12 billion; Size of largest annual institutional turnover: USD$20 billion; Size of largest client portfolio to date (by peak market cap: USD$300 billion; by current market cap: USD$100billion; by peak multi-portfolio size: USD$600 billion). Size of smallest customized portfolio advised on to date (no limit policy): USD$75,000. Minimum usually requested by clients for investment distribution tranches for private placement portfolios: USD$1 million; Minimum investment size usually required by SWF clients for investment consideration: USD$5 million; Average investment range requested for direct equity private client investments: USD$1 million to USD$ 75 million (sweet spots between USD$5 million and USD$25 million); Average private institutional investor portfolio single investment range: USD$1 million to USD$100 million; Average SWF placements in single investment portfolios (not to exceed 10% of full portfolio): USD$ 10 million to USD$200 million (exception up to USD$15 billion for takeover of publicly held corporation); Average Private Equity Portfolio size ranges: USD$100 million to USD$1 billion; Average AI portfolio ranges: USD$400 million to USD$4 billion; Average multi-asset RE portfolio ranges: USD$100 million to USD$3 billion; Average single asset RE portfolio size range: USD$ 50 million to USD$ 800 million); Active operational partnerships currently with a number of network merchant banking advisory services, consulting and financial services boutiques operating out of the US, Europe, the Middle-East and other Emerging Markets. Simultaneous mandates managed at an average minimum rate of 6 mandates per annum.