GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Other useful GMI extended portfolio reference points: Public and private sector advisory and deal execution portfolios in multiple areas of industry (financial diplomacy, agri-business, infrastructure, industrial technologies, life sciences, etc) and geographies (notably USA, Europe, MENA, Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa), with field assignments in all regions and portfolios covering more than 100 countries over 20 years, via GMI and its predecessors (TII, Solman Inc) and in conjunction with structural partners such as EPI , EPI-North Africa Ltd and BIL, and business development partnerships with a dozen major international financial institutions over that period, covering more than 130 institutional clients and partners, and more than 150 associated portfolios totaling some USD$300 billion of total client turnover asset value over 20 years, yielding net annual IRRs ranging from +6.25% to +192%, depending on portfolio profiles (and weighted annual net returns of +18.7% over the same period with a +19.5% gross margin on commercial transactions, on a diversified AI portfolio), with no project-based long-term losses incurred. Size of multilateral Global Public Goods PPP Trust Funds mobilized, allocated and managed: USD$19 billion over 10 years; Turnover of average multilateral annual development-related operations portfolios such as those sponsored by the World Bank Group (public and private sector partnerships included): USD$35 billion. Size of largest single asset restructuring: USD$12 billion; Size of largest annual institutional turnover: USD$20 billion; Size of largest client portfolio to date (by peak market cap: USD$300 billion; by current market cap: USD$100billion; by peak multi-portfolio size: USD$600 billion). Size of smallest customized portfolio advised on to date (no limit policy): USD$75,000. Minimum usually requested by clients for investment distribution tranches for private placement portfolios: USD$1 million; Minimum investment size usually required by SWF clients for investment consideration: USD$5 million; Average investment range requested for direct equity private client investments: USD$1 million to USD$ 75 million (sweet spots between USD$5 million and USD$25 million); Average private institutional investor portfolio single investment range: USD$1 million to USD$100 million; Average SWF placements in single investment portfolios (not to exceed 10% of full portfolio): USD$ 10 million to USD$200 million (exception up to USD$15 billion for takeover of publicly held corporation); Average Private Equity Portfolio size ranges: USD$100 million to USD$1 billion; Average AI portfolio ranges: USD$400 million to USD$4 billion; Average multi-asset RE portfolio ranges: USD$100 million to USD$3 billion; Average single asset RE portfolio size range: USD$ 50 million to USD$ 800 million); Active operational partnerships currently with a number of network merchant banking advisory services, consulting and financial services boutiques operating out of the US, Europe, the Middle-East and other Emerging Markets. Simultaneous mandates managed at an average minimum rate of 6 mandates per annum.