GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Strategic Advisory mandate on the financial and operational restructuring of a major impaired international acquisition of a regional market-leader by the global market-leader under the form of a Public-Private Partnership, for an industrial group, as well as the Treasury Management Advisory related to deploying a large investment arm of the same group (restructuring led to the turn-around from negative to positive EBITDA and return to profitability of both the underlying asset and the umbrella holding as a direct result of the new financial and operational structures). Portfolio Size: USD$12 billion; Size of financial restructuring: USD$9 billion; Capital Deployment Portfolio: USD$13.5 billion; Restructuring was operated in a record 2 months (time estimated by closest other franchise bidders: 6 months minimum)