GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Sectors and related areas of service offerings and delivery PDF Print E-mail

(non-exhaustive) include but are not limited to:


  • Financial, Investment & Merchant Banking Platforms and Advisory Services (including M&A and all areas of transactional imperatives, investments, divestments, spin-offs, IPOs, privatizations, PPPs, Special Situations, etc.)


  • Dedicated Sovereign Wealth Fund & Government Sovereign Institutional Investor Advisory Services (Prudent Capital Preservation and Global Markets Risk-Adjusted Growth Strategies; Investment Strategies and Asset Allocations; Investment Management Advisory; Asset Management Advisory; M&A; Acquisitions and Divestitures; Portfolio Placements; Funds Strategic Advisory Services; Institutional Governance Oversight Advisory; Operational Global and Regional Platforms; Institutional Representation; Deep Due Diligence Analysis; Portfolio Diversification and Focus – Themes & Geographies; Board-level third party representation / arm’s length; short, medium and long-term return strategies; Market Performance Benchmarking and Analysis; Investment Sourcing and Partnership Origination; Sustainable Capital Growth Strategies; Active Alternative Investment Strategies; Fixed Income Portfolios; Real Estate Portfolio Deployment and Management Advisory; Structured Financial Products and Platforms; Financial Services Investments and Relationship Management; Direct Equity Investment and Co-Investments; Private Equity Platforms and Funds; Funds of Funds. Hedge Funds and other Hedging Instruments; Leveraged Investment Portfolios; Strategic Infrastructure and Industrial Investments; Commercial Investments; Mature Growth Venture Capital Portfolios; Corporate Investments – Public & Private; SWF-sponsored PPPs; Legacy Assets Management; Underlying assets portfolio management; Qualitative and Quantitative Portfolio Reviews and Operational Analysis; Strategic Portfolio Restructuring; Market Intelligence; Portfolio Analytical and Operational Reporting; Macro-economic and Micro-economic policy analysis; Economic Diversification Portfolios; etc)


  • Private Wealth Family Office Strategic Advisory Services and Money Management Advisory Services (including for intermediary institutions and asset allocation management


  • Strategic Business Development Advisory Services


  • Small Business Incubation (including relating to Knowledge Economy Platforms)


  • Financial Debt & Credit Negotiation, Structuring, Re-negotiation, Scheduling, Re-scheduling and Restructuring of both Sovereign, Semi-Government (Corporate with limited Government Guarantees) and Private Institutional Commitments (including negotiation of project finance and investments needing political risk insurance and pay-outs as they relate to financial structuring and restructuring situations for trade-related debt).


  • Global First World and Emerging Markets Business Management Consulting and Corporate Business Development


  • Global Geo-Economic Analysis and Geo-Political Risk Assessment


  • Core Conservative Investment Portfolios Advisory Services (fixed income investment accounts, FOREX, Institutional Trust Fund Accounts, Government-backed Bonds, etc)


  • Alternative Investments and Active Investment Strategies (Mixed-Asset Funds, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Realty Funds, etc)


  • Direct Equity Investments (for public and private equities)


  • Private Equity Funds & Platforms


  • Conservatively Structured Financial Products and Platforms


  • Mature Growth Venture Capital and Innovative Investments


  • Real Estate Advisory Services and Investment Platforms


  • Infrastructure


  • Energy (including “Renewable Energies”, with a strong focus on Solar Energy)


  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals


  • Other Extractive Industries & Mining


  • Power & Electricity Generation


  • Water (including Desalination and Purification)


  • Transportation


  • Security & Defense


  • Agribusiness & Food Technology Industries


  • Natural Resources Management Advisory Services


  • Hospitality & Tourism


  • ICT – Information & Communications Technology (including Telecommunications)


  • Multimedia & Entertainment Services


  • Educational & Cultural Development Advisory Services


  • Environmental Advisory Services (including Ecological Solutions, renewable energies and Green Engineering and Re-Engineering)


  • Sustainable Development Portfolios


  • Healthcare & Life Sciences (Biotechnology)


  • Science & Technology Research & Development Management Advisory Services


  • Engineering Management and Systems Engineering


  • Commodity-based Industries


  • Technology-based Industries, Manufacturing and Industrial Clustering (including JVs based on Technology Transfer)


  • Joint-Ventures and Public-Private Partnerships


  • Aerospace Industry


  • Retail Industry (including Luxury Industry & Services)


  • Technical Consulting Services


  • Risk, Crisis, Disaster and Emergency Strategic Preparedness Planning & Management Services


  • International Development Cooperation Consulting Services


  • Trade Promotion and Commercial Procurement Services


  • Social Development Projects Advisory Services


  • International Development Cooperation Initiatives for Poverty Alleviation and Socio-Economic Growth


  • Philanthropic Endowment and Foundation Institutional Governance and Management Services (and Corporate Social Responsibility Management Services)


  • Early Childhood Development Advisory & Educational Services


  • Higher Education & Research Services


  • Administrative and Institutional Liaison Representation and Intermediation Services


  • Mediation and Arbitration Services


  • Civil Society Liaison Imperatives


  • Human Capital Development


  • Contracting Advisory Services (including offshore outsourcing and sub-contracting for tax-optimization and cost-effective competitiveness)