GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Grey Matter LLC’s core name comes from a colorful yet accurate scientific reference to literal “brain matter”, indicating how all of our general consulting services are steeped into an ethos of knowledge and analysis of facts. Grey Matter LLC is a hands-on operational strategic consulting outfit that allows clients using it as their umbrella adviser to go from obtaining independent advice to implementing actual projects and operations, as needed to meet client needs.

Grey Matter LLC has, as one of its core consulting services, a portfolio of evolving Educational Services & Consulting offerings adapted to 21 st century educational needs and particularly well suited to having students, families and the institutions they work with ensure maximum success in their pursuit of higher education outcomes, from early childhood to mature student cohorts.

Grey Matter LLC has a strong track record of advising many of our Family Office Clients on their educational needs, as well as track-records advising high pedigree higher education providers on their operations and education business development needs both in the USA and internationally, including with their international students’ imperatives. The two Principals leading Grey Matter Educational Services portfolios both have high-end academic pedigrees in Engineering and one of them is a University Professor at the US’ fastest growing STEM University, leading its largest academic portfolio while the other Grey Matter Principal has also taught at a number of higher education and professional development entities, while currently leading the global expansion portfolio of a STEM-focused US University into global higher education and professional development market- places. Grey Matter LLC has an extensive Academic and institutional knowledge management network across all key academic specialties and, being operational advisers to industry, has strong ties to US and global corporate networks allowing to tie-in academic outcomes to internships, jobs, and real-world employment and business opportunities including opportunities for entrepreneurship start-up, mentoring, support, incubation and acceleration.

The Higher Education landscape is changing fast as socio-economic and geo- economic changes take place in the world. Grey Matter LLC is there to support individuals and institutions keen on staying abreast of developments and ahead of the curve to translate academic potential into success that leads to jobs and economic growth opportunities for both entry-level (undergraduate and graduate), as well as mature specialized students (post-graduates etc.).

Grey Matter LLC Educational Advisory & Consulting Services offerings include but are not limited to:

  • General Consulting Services
  • General Consulting Services
  • Specialty Education Services Consulting
  • Higher Education Entity Business Development Consulting
  • Higher Education Identification and Due Diligence Services
  • Academic services
  • Student & Student Family Liaison services (including Family Office Concierge Services)
  • Academic liaison with Potential Corporate & Industry Employers
  • Internships Identification, Application Support, Access, Interview Preparation, Mentoring, Counseling, Coaching, & Management
  • Student Job Placement
  • Entrepreneurship Start-Up Support for Students and Youth Graduates
  • Entrepreneurship Incubation for Academic Start-Ups and “Tech-preneurship”
  • Entrepreneurship Acceleration for Academic Start-Ups
  • Student recruitment & selection
  • Branch University Campus Development
  • Academic Programs Global business development expansion (direct, via licensing, or hybrid).
  • Academic partnership programs (local, national, regional, international)
  • Mobilization of Corporate Faculty
  • Academic Senior Executive Management Human Capital Development, Head-Hunting and Organizational Imperatives
  • Academic Curricula & Programs reviews, updates, upgrades and build-up
  • Licensing & Accreditation support
  • Academic Human Capital Head-Hunting & Development
  • Academic Institutional Capacity Building
  • Research & Development Platforms
  • Academic partnerships with corporate industry partners
  • Academic Sponsorship
  • Academic Scholarships & Fellowships
  • Research Grants
  • Research Scholarships & Fellowships
  • Academic Financing
  • Academic assets resource mobilization
  • Strategic & Applied Academic Research Resource Mobilization
  • Research portfolio management imperatives
  • Higher Education Government Affairs Liaison Imperatives
  • Student Tutoring Services Referrals
  • Student & Student Family Total Package Management Support Services
  • Venture Private Equity Start-Up Capital Mobilization for Academic Start-Up Incubation, Acceleration and Market-Access
  • Facilitation of inter-academic and international exchange programs (& study abroad)
  • Specialty Academic Consulting for Programs Development (STEAM, Analytics, Engineering, EMSE, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, Political Science, etc.).
  • Academic Administration Management Consulting Services
  • Academic Testing Preparation Services
  • Academic logistical & infrastructure consulting services
  • Academic Materials Consulting Services