GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Thematic Scope of Products & Services PDF Print E-mail

(non-exhaustive), including but not limited to:


  • Global Strategic Advisory Services Mandates (Institutional, Corporate, Individual / Family Office)


  • Business Development Services (including key relationship introduction and marketing services)


  • Management Advisory & Consulting Services (including corporate and institutional governance, restructuring, change management and organizational imperatives)


  • Board-Level Strategic Advisory Services


  • Financial Advisory Services (including Financial Restructuring Advisory Services)


  • Investment & Merchant banking advisory services (including M&A and upstream & downstream transactional execution advisory services for direct equity private placements)


  • Economic Development Planning & Management Advisory Services


  • International liaison, outreach, intermediation and representation services (Sovereign, Governmental, institutional, and private / corporate for both “First World” and Emerging Markets – including institutional and individual investor and client representation on Boards, Committees and within Structured Consortia)


  • Strategic Intelligence Monitoring & Due Diligence (Background to Front Office)


  • Institutional and Corporate Governance & Management Capacity Building & Strengthening (including regulatory compliance best practices frameworks)


  • Project Preparation, Design, Coordination, Monitoring, Oversight and Management Consulting Services, including contracting and sub-contracting advisory services


  • Transactional Advisory Services (Negotiation & Execution of Agreements, related imperatives and strategic corporate and institutional fiduciary advisory services)


  • Specialty & Niche Corporate Technical Advisory Services (including Technical Audits & Portfolio / Project Quality Assessments) in multiple industry sectors


  • Resource Mobilization, Fund-raising, Financing and Placement (including financial platform distribution)


  • International Development Assistance and Cooperation Services


  • Institutional and Corporate Risk, Crisis, Disaster and Emergency Strategic Preparedness Planning and Management


  • Partnership identification, selection, liaison and negotiation (including for Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures)


  • Entrepreneurship advisory services (including for incubation of venture capital and scalable enterprises)


  • Research & Development


  • Education & Technology Development Management


  • Strategic Communications, advocacy (including institutional and corporate lobbying), public relations and reputational management services


  • Corporate and Institutional Conference & Seminar Management Consulting Services


  • Commercial Promotion, Agency, Marketing and Procurement Advisory Services


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Services


  • Foundation & Philanthropy Institutional Governance & Management Advisory Services


  • Global Leadership & Senior C-Suite Executive Talent Search & Head-Hunting Advisory Services (Human Capital Development)


  • Niche technical consulting specialties, including as regards portfolio quality control and technical (qualitative) auditing


  • Administrative and Institutional Liaison Representation and Intermediation Services (including for Civil Society Groups)


  • Mediation and Arbitration Services