GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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In an increasingly changing and globalized world with often unpredictable parameters, GMI seeks to deliver the best standards of performance in terms of strategic advisory services underpinning international institutional and corporate business development, from upstream policies to downstream operational deal execution in a variety of key sectors and across multiple geographies, with a prudent approach to risk assessment and management for investments and all other related ventures. GMI’s modus operandi is that of a network of globally recognized best-in-class practitioners in each of their fields of expertise. GMI supports and promotes client and proprietary ventures, aligning interests by a remuneration formula which includes ownership incentives via various forms of carried interest whenever possible and agreed by the partners and clients. While the sector expertise of the GMI network is diversified its Principals have had direct responsibility for major international public-private partnerships and have worked in both public service and the private sector, with pedigrees allowing strong access to global decision-making circles, with experience in diverse areas such as strategic advisory services, financial diplomacy, Trust Fund management operations, investment portfolio allocations management, merchant and investment banking, commercial and corporate finance, engineering, agribusiness, industrial technologies, life sciences, governance, management consulting, Board operations, M&A and divestiture situations, direct equity plays, venture capital, technical consulting services, risk and crisis management, commercial intermediation and agency representation, economic analysis, socio-economic development, institutional advocacy, regulatory affairs, qualitative technical auditing, fiduciary oversight, Administrative Affairs, International Civil Service, multilateral inter-governmental organizations geared towards development cooperation, philanthropy, academia, civil society, research & development, structured business development platforms, security & defense, infrastructure design and deployment, corporate management consulting, industrial portfolios, etc.


Our clients appreciate most the mix of diverse expertise, pragmatism, confidentiality, results-orientation and commitment to work in partnership while delivering honest, objective, thoughtful, independent, experienced, prudent yet innovative advice in all instances where we are called upon to address a major strategic or operational need or organizational challenge.


Our clients are most in need of our services when they are themselves under the burden of carrying through complex portfolios which demand the delivery of results, especially in uncertain times, when reliable information is difficult to come by and useful insights are rare. We support clients through their decision-making process and all related imperatives of their value-chain, be it linked to financial, human or other forms of capital, across industries and geographies. Our multi-cultural grounding is an additional asset in the increasingly global business development arena.


We help source sustainable growth opportunities which maximize value creation and enhancement.


Our independent and fact-based approach to problem-solving allows us to analyze a situation against critical parameters which underpin performance criteria for the leaders who solicit our services.


Our global network is leveraged without hesitation to provide best-in class advisory and operational execution services both within GMI’s realm and on the outside of the organization.


We always keep an open mind and a no-nonsense approach allowing us to exploit innovatively pragmatic solutions as they emerge, and we strive to help our clients build and / or strengthen their own capacity to sustain improvement.


We strive to foster an environment based on trust and honor.


Whether we are restructuring an impaired business, developing additional new business for a pre-existing healthy entity, advising on deals, or transacting within any situation, we strive to promote our clients’, partners’ and business projects’ interests as the top priority, from both the professional and human points of view. After all, economic activity is essentially there to provide business results in the form of legitimate profits allowing its beneficiaries to thrive.


We are very committed to client confidentiality as well as to expressing, within that confidential space, our unvarnished advice and the truths and facts on which we base this advice. We operate as cost-effectively as possible and work in full partnership with the client as we believe that no-one can replace the client’s own presence in the markets which are its own.


We are firm believers that it is the right mix of insights, process, access and project-specific (market-specific) parameters that induce optimal results, and we customize our approach to every problem in order to dose the effort optimally towards achieving the stated goals.


Intellectual capital (new ideas and analytical operational insights derived from experience-based first-hand knowledge) coupled with leadership and management skills ensure the best understanding of risks and their mitigation, as well as the least risky decision-making pathway to robust results for corporate and institutional clients, financial intermediaries and investment advisors, sovereign public sector entities and small to medium-sized family and individual businesses, for solid risk-adjusted returns corresponding to the client’s profile and objectives.


Our nimble teams work on usually critical deal-related dossiers, on a confidential basis, for clients needing results and related support from upstream due diligence and project preparation to partnership identification, financing options (and restructuring options for legacy, impaired or mature portfolios), and the capacity to advise on every aspect of the dossier, including successful cost-effective execution and longer-term follow-up imperatives.