GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Salah Brahimi
President & Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: +1-202-415-8479

Information: Salah Brahimi is President and CEO of Grey Matter International Ltd., a boutique strategic advisory services firm, operating as a “network of networks” and focused on integrated business development, corporate management consulting, institutional governance and numerous other sectors globally. He is an Independent Board Member of ACWA Power International, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading international power and water investment partnership and management firm. He is a Partner with Empire Capital Partners (ECP; and in its subsidiary, ECP Advisors), which has a merchant banking advisory practice with a strong partner, origination and client base in the GCC, Europe and the Americas and portfolios with robust growth in Asia and Africa. At the same time, he is a Partner at International Financial Advisory Solutions, a Washington, DC-based firm focusing on financial services from the standpoint of regulatory advice and guidance. Mr. Brahimi also manages a number of family-owned assets in portfolios invested in areas such as financial investments, international realty and agribusiness, sits on a number of institutional boards including the board of Braatz, an international business advisory and operations firm with partners from the GCC, Europe, the USA, North Africa and the Levant, and is active in philanthropy and civil society.

For over a decade, Mr. Brahimi was a senior executive at the World Bank, with responsibility for the Bank’s largest global public goods multilateral Trust Fund portfolio within its sustainable development area. Prior to that, he worked as a Consultant and led Transtech International Inc., a Europe-based global consulting group involved in negotiating corporate and institutional North-South partnerships. He was also a Vice President of EPI and Financial Board Director of EPI-North Africa Ltd., which at the time was Algeria’s first and leading multi-sector business advisory services group. Mr. Brahimi also owned Solman Inc., a consulting firm focused on international business development. He started his career in consulting in 1990.

Mr. Brahimi holds a M.Sc. degree in Biochemical and Agricultural Engineering (with specializations in Agribusiness Management and Life Sciences / Biotechnology), a post-graduate executive certificate for the World Bank / CGIAR Leadership Program from Harvard Business School, the World Bank’s certifications for the full suite of Financial Management and Governance Imperatives and a number of other academic credentials notably from Oxford and Paris Universities. He was a recipient of the World Bank President’s Award for Leadership in Diversity as well as several World Bank Performance Awards, particularly for his role in negotiating record amounts of global investments into the restructured Trust Fund portfolios under his purview.