GMI (Grey Matter International Ltd.) is a global boutique
"network of networks" offering strategic advisory services
in multiple key sectors of the "real" economy.

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Our Mission & Objectives

To advise upon, prepare, execute and follow-on client transactions in ways that maximize investor, customer and partnership returns across project and deal portfolios, bridging First World and Emerging Markets with the utmost efficiency and confidentiality, whether at the level of investment imperatives, governance and management, business development and / or commercial ventures and outputs.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Dignity and an unflinching commitment to the highest standards of excellence in service delivery and all professional and personal aspects of investor, client and partnership relations, as well as a conservative outlook towards risk management, including reputational risk exposure. We ensure the utmost confidentiality to our clients and partners, and promote a working environment that is intellectually tolerant, safe, multi-cultural and highly ethical.